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Revision of old fic

I have an old fic I once posted in that I'd like help revising. At this point it's 20k + words and far from complete, and I need to revise it both to improve what I've got and to better set-up the plot of the latter, main, part of the story. So, here's some options if you're interested in helping me out:

How should this work?

Poll #843065 Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just Anybody!

What is the best way for this community to help poor old physicsteach?

Boss is in a long meeting. Post it in the community all at once.
I ran out of Ritalin. Post in bits and pieces over the next few days.
My spam filter is brutal. Let's do flocked posts in your personal LJ.
I have too much pr0n to study. Don't waste my time: do your work by email.

PS. I'm posting this poll through Semagic, so if it doesn't work right please accept my apologies.

Tags: btvs, poll, request
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